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Reasons Why Businesses Choose Thin Section Bearings

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Thin Section Bearings

August 9, 2018

The right bearing plays a key role in the efficiency of your applications. For many businesses in the medical, defense, robotics, and semiconductor manufacturing industries, thin section bearings are the right fit for their needs.

So, what do thin section bearings provide that can make them a better option than other types of bearings? Here are some key reasons why thin section bearings are the right choice for your applications.

Space and Weight Limitations

Bearings don’t need to be big to get the job done. The size difference between thin section bearings and other bearing styles is a major benefit for any application with space or weight restrictions.

The compact design of thin section bearings is beneficial in a few ways. First, the small size of a thin section bearing make it so that these parts don’t take up as much room in an application. Second, the reduced weight makes the overall application lighter and can reduce the amount of friction created during use. That’s a major advantage for both initial design of an application and the long-term efficiency of your operation.

Multiple Configurations Available

Another benefit of thin section bearings is that it gives you options. These parts are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing you to pick and choose between radial, angular, 4-point designs. If size is the bigger concern, SSB manufactures parts up to 20” in diameter. Metric sizes can also be manufactured.

While there are a variety of thin section bearings available, these parts can also be specially designed to fit your specifications. Customization opportunities include:

Quick Turnaround Times

Time is not always on your side. Fortunately, SSB’s thin section bearing production process is very efficient, meaning that you won’t have to wait as long for these parts compared to most other types of bearing.

A typical lead time for most standard thin section bearings ranges between six to eight weeks from the order date. This expedited timeline can help you avoid unnecessary—and costly—downtime.

Consider Thin Section Bearings for Your Applications

Thin section bearings offer several advantages not typically found with other styles of bearings. At SSB, we manufacture quality thin section bearings made in the U.S. and offer related services. Contact us today to order thin section bearings from SSB or to talk to one of our experts to determine the right solution for your applications.