The right bearing solution can depend on your industry. A market like food processing has several specific requirements that can affect not only the types of bearing you choose, but also several other key details that can impact your decision. Here are three things that play a crucial role in deciding which bearings are right for your food grade applications.

Use Food Grade Materials

Not all materials are best suited for the food industry. It’s important that you consider bearings made with materials that are resistant to corrosion and any potential chemicals that may be used. Materials like stainless steel or bearings with nickel plating can be a big help for food industry applications.

Only Use Seals and Shields that Make Sense for Your Environment

Wash downs are normal in food processing, which means a good seal is important. The right bearing seal or shield can keep unwanted fluid or contaminants out of your bearings. Of course, this also means that these seals and shields also need to be approved for used around food products. If a seals or shield contaminates your products, it's of no use to you. Make sure that every part of your bearings is graded for use in your environments so that your products and your bearings stay safe.

Invest in Food-Grade Lubrication

Like seals and shields, lubricants play an important part in the long-term success of your applications. However, they can also pose a problem if you don't use the right lubrication.

Food grade bearings require special lubrication for a few reasons. First, these lubricants can be subject to high pressure areas, frequent wash downs, and harsh environments. Also, it also needs to be graded for safe use in these environments in case it ever comes into contact with food. It's important to think about where your bearings will be sued to identify certain standards for your food grade lubricant options.

Find the Right bearings for Food Grade Environments

Even after you identify your needs, it can be difficult to choose the right bearing solution for your applications. Slim Section Bearings can help you find the right thin section bearings based on your needs, whether it’s a standard, available part or a custom food grade bearing. Contact us today to talk to our experts about the bearings you need for your applications.