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Bearing Analysis

Bearing Analysis

Whether you need to review your bearings after failure or want to determine the lifecycle of bearings in your system, Slim Section Bearings can help.

Bearing Analysis for New and Used Parts

Slim Section Bearings offers analysis before and after the sale of your parts. Our experts can use a variety of methods to determine the root cause failure of your bearing – all you need to do is complete an Application Data Sheet and email it back to us for review. Typical causes of bearing failure include:

  • Wrong bearing lubrication for the application
  • Dirt, dust, or other foreign particles entering the bearing raceways
  • Vibration
  • Corrosion
  • Vibration
  • Extreme temperatures not suited for the heat treated steel
  • Improper mounting
  • Electrical damage

If you are looking for assistance during the design phase, we can also help determine life calculations and load distribution across the bearing. Once you provide your design parameters through the Application Data Sheet, our experts can simulate new parts in your system and evaluate an expected life calculation for your bearings.

An assortment of bearings meant for bearing analysis and bearing life calculations.
SSB - Thin Section Bearings & Slim Section Bearings


Ready to get the most out of your bearings, both before and after investment? Contact us at 888-592-5535 to have our experts analyze your bearings.

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