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Slim section bearings allow for a variety of solutions across a wide array of robotic applications

SSB's products offer space saving designs. The product is light weight compared to traditional ball bearing designs. Depending upon the cross section required, increasing bore options are available while maintaining the desired cross section dimension. High levels of stiffness are achieved with our bearings while also maintaining minimal radial runout.

Whatever your robotic need, we can assist you.

Depending upon your robotic application requirements, SSB can offer a variety of versions to answer the call for duplex mounting, we can:

  • Measure and prepare traditional single bearings into matched duplex paired bearings.
  • Design a double row bearing with a shared inner and outer ring.
  • Design a bearing with a shared outer ring with 2 inner rings.

Whichever design you require, we are happy to assist with your application. These duplex designs will provide low torque and high levels of stiffness for your requirements.

We can help with a number of different robotic applications across a variety of industries.


  • Surgical devices
  • Imaging equipment


  • Picking
  • Wafer transfer


  • Material Handling
  • Painting
  • Welding

Defense & Security

  • Camera Mounts
  • Gimbals
  • UGV's
robot using SSB robotic application bearings
SSB - Thin Section Bearings & Slim Section Bearings


You have a plan. We have a bearing to help execute it. Give us a call or email to learn more about SSB and our products.

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